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Creators of emotions


For over 15 years Feeling has been  creating  unique  outfits  for the  most  important moments of  your  life.   

Make  an  appointment  with  us and  enjoy  an  extraordinary  design  experience.  

artistic director

Mathieu Caron

Every project is an opportunity to create  something  new and  special.During  a  creative  consultation,my  initial inspiration come  from  the  person  I’m  working  with.  The  emotions and feelings  you  will  express and  experience  in  your  new  outfit  are at the  heart of  my  creative  process. 

Offering  personalized  guidance and  leading  projects  with  passion and  devotion  to  ensure  that  the final  result  is  impeccable and  meets  your  expectations, are  all  top  priorities  for  my team!  

Contact Feeling  today! Let’s  become  partners  and  collaborators  towards  your  next  high fashion  creation.  

Live an haute couture experience

A unique and  limitless  creative  experience. 

Your vision and  personality  are the  starting  points. Let us  turn  your inspirations  into  reality. 

Our haute couture approach

We pay particular attention to  the fine  details of our creations. Quality and your satisfaction are always at the center of our concerns. 

A team of professionals for you

For more  than  15years, the Feeling team has produced  numerous  haute couture  creations  tailored  to  its unique  clientele. From  design to  sewing  to artwork  and patternmaking,we are  dedicated  to  realizing your  wildest ideas  and becoming  your partner in success!  

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